Friday, April 9, 2010

Do people listen to themselves when they speak?

I mean really! Just got back from a monthly business breakfast. Sitting next to me was a photographer. A nice guy, so I asked how he got new clients? He replied he only does work by referral. Nice! So I invited him to my referral group and he replies "Referrals don't work for me." Shaking my head I just walked away at that point.

Am I nuts???? Or....

Let me know what you think and have found when speaking with people in general.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love it when a plan comes together!

Let’s review some of the topics I have been spouting on about:

  1. It’s Spring! Time to leave the Cave
  2. What on your Shelf?
  3. Social Networking is about being Socialable
  4. What’s new with the New Year?

Well as most of you know today was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning and all was good with the world! How right that was…. Let me walk you thru it. First thing this morning I got up and did my exercises (Thank you Dr. Wells). Got the blood pumping and ready for my 1 mile walk to visit a client in Ocean Grove (Just the best Coffee Shop in Ocean Grove, The Barbaric Bean). I also scheduled a meeting there with a business associate so we can plan some additional upcoming seminars. While there one of the other Bean patrons overheard our conversation and started asking questions and now I have a new prospect. (I left the cave and got out to meet some new people.) After the meeting I walked back to my office and passed several business owners who were also out enjoying the sun.

Back in my office I continued my calls (a scheduled item on my calendar everyday) I started to empty my box of 1000 business cards (see sidebar for latest results). Today’s topic was “what’s new?” Once I got the standard answer of “nothing” I told them about my new “Tea” later this month. Bob Hilton, the new Executive Director of Jersey Shore Convention &Visitors Bureau, will be the guest speaker. Being socialable I inquired if they were on FaceBook or Linked In and got several new connections for both. I even gave out a several invites to my BNI group that meets Thursday mornings in Ocean Grove.

Having done all that, now I getting ready to go and really workout at A. Kastner’s Family Tae Kwon Do

Overall, a very busy and profitable day. Working on having more of then. Anyone want to join me?