Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Build it and they will come?

Only in the movies! One of the attendees at my last "Tea" mentioned her blog and she was proud of it... So today I went looking for it and guess what? I could not find it.

Googled it... Nothing! Binged it.. Nothing! I even went to their webpage and it had no mention that they had a blog! Last try... I went to Facebook and looked at her profile as she is a friend... Nothing! I looked to see if her business had a FaceBook Fan Page again nothing!

Is she trying to keep a secret. No! She mentioned that someone left here a very nice testimonial on it... So I know you can get to it... But I don't know how!!!

Some recommendations:
1. Have you website mention and point to your blog.
2. Have all you social networking profiles point to your blog.
3. Create a Fan Page for your business or even your blog.
4. Make it easy for readers to find you!!!!

Enjoy the hot weather at the Jersey Shore. Remember I am always willing to talk on our porch only a block from the beach.... I have the best office in town!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I thought the web was suppose to make life easier or whatever happened to Customer Service

Yesterday I called a company that I have been dealing with for over a month. I called nice and early (as per their recommendation) and asked for Mr. XX (I can't mention his name or the company's name because I get in trouble for pointing out the truth. See previous postings). So after giving him all my information the customer service rep said "sure, I transfer you now" and hung up on me! Mistakes happen... So I called back.

This time the person answering said Mr. XX had just walked in and was not "on the system" and could I call back in a few minutes. No problem I can wait a few. So I called back around fifteen minutes later. This time another rep said he just walked away from his desk and could I call back later. I was starting to get annoyed.

I waited a few more minutes and call back yet again! This time a different customer service rep said he was not due in until 11am. Now I was pissed. Who was lying to me? All of them. So I called back about 5 more times in a row and speaking to a different person each time I asked if Mr. XX could return my call. Mind you each call I had to give all my information including name, address, account number, reference number, etc.

Finally after lunch I got my return call which I missed so I called back and gave them all the info yet again. This time Mr. XX was there! The conversation was short and not necessary sweet. "Good morning Mr. Jarosz, there is no change in the status of your issue. So can you call back Friday?" AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

To check up on the status of an issue companies can set up their website to keep track of such things. We all have used websites to check delivery status of packages we have sent. You can check on the status of deposits into you checking account and status of charges on your credit cards. These companies have used the internet for what it was intended for. The company I was dealing with could have made it easy to find out the status of my issue. They could have tagged it with my complaint reference number.

Currently I am working with a client on the possibility of using Google Docs to keep them up to date on the status of their projects. This is but one of the FREE Google Tools available. Lone Keep Internet will be hosting a "FREE Seminar on the use of FREE Google Tools" tomorrow in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. For more information on our FREE seminars check out our website

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What ever happened to Identity Protection?

I just got home from my bank and I feel violated! I needed additional checks for my personal account and submitted the form that comes with the last bunch of checks to order some new ones. She asked me for my driver's licence! When I asked why she needed it since this had nothing to do with my driving. She stated that the bank's computer needed my licence number?!!?!? Talk about getting the wrong information out! I could not see the connection. Banking --- Driving... They know who I am, I've been with them for over 10 years. I will tell you, I never saw this teller before now she have my Personal Information... Not exactly making me feel warm and fuzzy!

You see all the stuff about people finding out about you on the Internet... Well I never gave anyone my Driver's License number on the Internet. What protection do I have that this teller will not use or pass on that information to someone else.... NONE! I believe we give away more information to trusted(?) sources than we think. In the bigger scheme of things why does your bank need that info. To prove you are you? What about the fact that I've been banking with them for 10 years? Or does that not count! I could have given her a false license and how would she know? Instead I was honest and now a stranger has my personal information.

So getting the wrong information out seems some much easier these days. What are business owners doing to get the right information out? Are we sticking out our hand and introducing yourself to the person you are standing next to? Are you wearing your own logo? Are you reaching out to others that you can help? Probably not... but we are giving away our personal information....

Who out there is paying for Identity Protection? I would like to hear your point of view.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have to lose weigth before I can start exercising!?

We all have heard that excuse from friends and family. I get this all the time when I invite them to A. Kastner's Family Tae Kwon Do to just try it out. Yesterday I heard "I'll join BNI once I grow my network????!" Do people listen to themselves? Or are they just making excuses?

Either way it adds nothing to their creditability. Maybe they think they are being polite? But in today's world this smacks of Political Correctness. Which is evil from the start. People need to say what they mean and mean what they say! Sorry for sounding like a political commerical on this Primary Day but it's the truth.

If you can not trust people when they speak about simple things, how do they expect to be trusted with larger things like my money, my clients or the schedules they give me?

Get out and vote today and remember to mean what you say!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Next installment of "What on your Shelf?"

This was to be a fun project... But alas, it has turned into work! Depressing, time consuming and basically a downer. Forget the businesses that are no longer around that is a given and a numbers game. But the ones that are still around I have to wonder how?

All the still existing businesses should take a look at my Recommended Reading List for a little inspiration. Maybe they can find some words of wisdom in these books. Most business owners have a copy or two, on their shelves, but have never cracked one open...

The latest round of calls from the business card box actually resulted in some call backs. After leaving a "detailed" message as requested I get a call asking "Who am I speaking with?" First off I believe it is "whom" Any English majors wish to comment? Secondly I left a detailed message explaining who I was and why I was calling! But they never checked their messages, they just hit dial last call. Why have voicemail in the first place and why don't they use it? Again this does nothing to add to their credibility as a business owner. Yes, people do make judgments bases on things like this. I do! I ask myself, is this the way they'll treat me or my clients in the future? Do I want to share clients with this person? Some interesting questions.

Good thing we have on our "Tea" and Seminar schedule "How to use the phone to promote your Website (business)." This will be Thursday July 22nd at the offices of Lone Keep Internet in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Have you read any good business books lately? If so, which ones?