Monday, August 20, 2012

Write an Article?

Writing an article is essentially nothing more than sharing content online and making it available to everyone online - potentially, hundreds of millions of people. You'd write an article that revolves around a topic and share with it others.

Remember the WHOLE PURPOSE of writing the article is to share relevant/meaningful content that can really help someone. Content is the key here...this will by default position you as the expert in your field/niche market. Prospects love following from experts.

The article is NOT an ad. You're not selling any product inside the ad - you're providing relevant information that can benefit someone else who's looking for that information.

Keep the article content simple - the "average" person should be able to read the article from top to bottom and fully understand the message. Also don't be too lengthy - keep the article between 350-450 words. Most people have a relatively short attention span. Make sure the article can be read by a prospect in less than 5-6 minutes (note: most readers will scan the article looking for the "meat", but you get the idea here).

Prospects MUST be able to find the article - if not, it's a fruitless exercise right? That's where we at Lone Keep Internet may be able to help.

Richard M.J. Jarosz on LinkedIn
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