Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Technology has changed the times!

A couple of days ago I went to a Meat Loaf concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center. Playing before Meat Loaf was a singer by the name of Lisa Bouchelle (a Jersey Girl).

During the '70s I use to get great shots at concerts with my professional camera setup. Yes they did allow it! I got Yes in the round, at the Garden, and ELO with the UFO stage, the one that opened up.

The the '80s came and bands were more concerned about rights to their images (they did not want a dollar escaping them). I guess the '80s really was the "Me" decade and everyone was out to make a buck.

But the concert the other day.... Everyone had their digital cameras and cell phones out. Lisa Bouchelle even posted for pictures while she was singing, so did Meat Loaf. I guess they feel with youtube and facebook these pictures will get out anyway why not make it fun for everyone! The publicity that they get from posting of these pictures is worth more than the few extra dollars they would get by suppressing them.

It was refreshing watching the artist enjoy their craft and their fans instead of chasing the extra dollar. Thanks God for technology.

We at Lone Keep Internet would like to help any bands out there use this technology to help promote them.