Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting More Traffic

Just a little note for you to ponder: Companies who create, optimize and promote their blogs get 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those who don't. So why are you not blogging?

Consistently that is! I know a lot of businesses that have a blog but have not added a post in over a year. So they say it does not work. Again, what or who is not working?

Remember doing a little each day or week will go a lot further than complaining and doing nothing.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not following Recommendations

Do you have clients that do not follow your recommendations then complain why your services don't work? I do as I'm sure most of you do.

I was speaking with one of my clients the other day. Potter Pest Control is a local Pest Control company serving the Monmouth County area. We started to compare notes on how well our clients actually follow our recommendations. Not many do...

Potter Pest comes in and strays to get rind of the nasty crawling things. He also educates the tenants as to the food sources for the bugs and suggests what and how to clean up. A month later he is spraying the same apartment because the place is still the same. And they complain the spraying is not working! Go figure!!

An example on my end is when I suggest to clients that want to use Facebook to promote their events, website and business that they actually use Facebook I get the rolling of the eyes. They say they do not the time or don't know how. But I will see plenty of posts about their stupid cats! With pictures! Just the other day I attended an event hosted by a client and he complained about the low turn out. So I asked did he create an event and invited people? His response was he thought sending emails would be enough. So I asked, was it? You should have seen the look he gave me.

Why ask an expect if you are not going to follow their recommendations?
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Write an Article?

Writing an article is essentially nothing more than sharing content online and making it available to everyone online - potentially, hundreds of millions of people. You'd write an article that revolves around a topic and share with it others.

Remember the WHOLE PURPOSE of writing the article is to share relevant/meaningful content that can really help someone. Content is the key here...this will by default position you as the expert in your field/niche market. Prospects love following from experts.

The article is NOT an ad. You're not selling any product inside the ad - you're providing relevant information that can benefit someone else who's looking for that information.

Keep the article content simple - the "average" person should be able to read the article from top to bottom and fully understand the message. Also don't be too lengthy - keep the article between 350-450 words. Most people have a relatively short attention span. Make sure the article can be read by a prospect in less than 5-6 minutes (note: most readers will scan the article looking for the "meat", but you get the idea here).

Prospects MUST be able to find the article - if not, it's a fruitless exercise right? That's where we at Lone Keep Internet may be able to help.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just picked up the book "Healing Wounded Relationships" by Martin H. Padovani. He says mass at St. Catharine in Spring Lake NJ once in a while and the church is packed when he does. The first chapter is on communications; usually between a couple or family members, but I thought why would this not work with clients and prospects.

He talks about why people don't communicate and goes into detail about all the reasons. I, however, came up with one and only one! People just don't want to communicate. Sad but this is what I have found out to be true. Examples of this are common. Take for instance a new client I picked up the other week. It's a wife and husband team. The husband hired us and passed it on to the wife. She does not know what is going on or cares to so she ignores the calls and emails and he just keeps saying the wife is handling it now. You guessed it, nothing is moving forward on their project. But I predict that in six months or so I'll get a call asking why nothing is being done.... So I'm documenting every attempt to communicate with them...

So return those calls and emails...
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why are my Prospects not emailing me?

Because you have the wrong email address on your business card!!! Why do business owners not check this information before they pass out their cards?

Yesterday I was at the SUMMER KICK OFF NETWORKING EVENT at the Sheraton in Eatontown and collected over a couple of dozen of business cards from my networking efforts. I got home and emailed them all the lasted issue of the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin as promised. Three got bounced because the email address on the card does not exist! Yes I checked all three and I entered them correctly…

One, a start-up business, even had the website listed incorrectly. It has a “@” were a period should be. All it takes is a little step back and review the cards or have someone like myself review it for them. I do this for my clients all the time. Some clients even sent me a proof copy of their ads to make sure the information is correct. If they are spending money on the ad they want it as correct as possible. You know the Magazine or Newspaper never checks as long as the check clears and the client Oks the proof… right or wrong it get printed.

So keep that is mind have someone else check the printed material and test the email and website addresses.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Still thinking about it!

This past week I have been doing some follow up with some prospects for Jersey Shore Coupons. I don’t know if you have been getting this run-a-round but the phrase “I’m still thinking about it” really gets me pissed off! Excuse my language but what other words would describe the feeling? Not about me but about the person I’m speaking with! A simple question deserves a simple answer. These are business people. If they cannot give a straight answer to a yes or no question what does this say about them and their business?

Friends have told me they “Rich they don’t what to hurt your feeling. That is why they don’t say no.” But wasting my precious time by having me call and call to get the same answer “I’m still thinking about it” is helping me? This does not even make sense.

I especially love it when Life Coaches give me this answer. Don’t they coach others to make decisions? How can I recommend others to them when they can’t make simple decisions about their own businesses? And I get a lot asking for referrals but I have yet to get a straight answer out of anyone of them!

Sorry off the soap box for now…..
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Working on your business versus Working in your business

While making sales calls for Jersey Shore Coupons to people I have known for years I got some strange comments! Looking like most of the people I spoke with were busy working in their businesses. Too busy to think about promoting or advertising their business. And you guessed it! They all were doing terrible…

Years ago I learned that I if spent all my time working in the business my income usually suffered because I had no new business coming in. Sandler Sales Training taught me to set aside a part of each day to build my business. At first this was very hard… But as time went on I got control of my schedule I found it was not too difficult to make the time necessary to keep my business growing. My frustration level starting going down and my income started going up.

So spend more time working on you business….

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Thursday, May 3, 2012


There is so much misinformation available on the web nowadays... It's scary! But business owners can do something about. If they care to. I have spent the last two days making call to restaurants in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. I found what I thought was a good sources of currents establishments. Boy was I wrong! Most of the entries were just plain wrong or out of date. I even found some the restaurant domains for sale.

As a suggestion as a business owner do a google search on your business and check the results. Visit some of these site where you may be listed and confirm the information. If you can find a bad listing so can your potential customers! Once you find a bad listing contact the site owner and see what needs to be done to delete it or correct it. Sometimes it may just involve sending them an email with the correct info or just a phone call to correct the wrong information.

Are you letting customers not find you?????

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Rude!

As you know if someone contacts me I assume they want to hear from me. WRONG! Oh, so wrong... I save up all the email advertisements I get and about once or twice a month I give them a call just to touch base. See if I can help them, see if they can help me.

Well I just have to vent! This "Design" company has sent me three emails since the beginning of the month! So... I called them and OMG! How Rude! First, they did not even announce that I had called their company (personal number?). Second when I stated who I was and why I was calling I got this list of question: Who, What, Where etc.

I finally said "Wait a minute! You don't owe me any money. I was just calling in response to the emails you sent me" This prompted another line of questions. I answered all of her questions politely but still could not have a conversation with all her defensiveness. So I politely thanked her for her time and hung up!

I was looking to work with an additional design company but I would not send a single client of mine to her. So I just deleted all of her emails and blocked her email address.

Wonder how the economy is treating her?

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Something for nothing and your chick for free....

It never ceases to amaze me! Contacted hundreds of friends on FaceBook who have businesses to let them know of a new Free Business Directory that their websites should be listed on. Specifically one of our sites.

Jersey Shore Coupons

All they has to do was click the link and add their website info. Guess how many took advantage of this FREE help? Yeap not a one! I actually had several "Friends" unfriend me for making the suggestion and trying to help them.

Am I missing something? Am I going something wrong? Or is it that nobody wants or needs help?

Please, I'm at a lost. Someone fill me in?

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PS Maybe I'll have better luck on LinkedIn???

Friday, February 10, 2012

SW, SW, SW, Next!

Some will, Some won't, So what, Next! This true for about everything. Last night networking event was no exception. There was no one from Monmouth County that I did not already know. There were, however, a number of Non-BNIers from Middlesex County.

Why, you may ask? As I was talking to the quests they found out about the BNI International Networking Week event via LinkedIn or Meet Up. The director from Middlesex County took it upon himself to use those forms of Social Networking to promote the event as well has the organization.

It's the little things in life (and business) that makes a world of difference.

Happy Networking!
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

International Networking What?????

This is almost a continuation of the last article on Free Publicity and the way organizations go out of the way to keep their events a secret!

This evening I will be attending an event connected with BNI's International Networking Week at the PNC Art Center. And yes I am ranting! Yesterday I attended two different local Chamber events (one organized by a BNI member and both attended heavily by BNI Chapter officers) and there was not one mention of today's event. I checked the Asbury Park Press Event Listings and did not find it. Hell there was no request to place the event in the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin which is FREE!

I checked my emails for the past month and no mention of it. No event set up on Facebook with invites! I even asked BNI members over the last week, in my normal course of networking, if I would see them there... and you guessed it! Deer in the headlights looks are all I got followed by "What networking event?"

Don't get me wrong, BNI is a most excellent organization. But with the Corporate Office trying to turn this into the Premier Networking event World-wide for the last three years the local area director is not helping...

I'll report tomorrow on the attendance of this secret networking events

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Publicity

Did you ever notice people say they want one thing and always do the opposite! Well after compiling a list of over 60 Museums in Ocean and Monmouth counties I decided it would be nice to help them get the word out. I had no idea there were this many in our area. So I decided to call them to see if they were willing to supply the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin (JSCIB) with their upcoming events.

The majority of the numbers I found for these museums were either wrong or disconnected. Of the few that I was able to get hold of on the phone it turned out to be the County or City Clerks’ office. A very frustrating undertaking overall. Of the handful I actually reached two called me back and only one sent me the information required to help them promote an event that started yesterday.

In this era of cutbacks and closings I figured they would want to get the word out to raise their numbers of visitors. But what do I know?! Keeping their Museums and Historical Societies a secret may truly be what they are trying to achieve. In which case they are doing a bang up job!

Over the years I have been trying to work with my clients to have them avoid this same mistake. Are they making progress? I would like them to share that here with you. Giving them more free publicity...

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Towne Crier - Get the Word Out

Monday, January 23, 2012

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool used by website owners to monitor their name, brand name, key industry terms and competitors.

Why Receive Alerts?
Google Alerts enable you to easily monitor the Internet for desired keywords, sending you email messages when these terms are being used.

For example, I use Google Alerts to monitor the word “Jarosz” along with “Lone Keep Internet” and “” It’s one way to find out where news of me, my company and websites is popping up.

Google Alerts are useful to webmasters who don’t have the time or resources to be proactive about monitoring the Web for specific mentions. Google does the searching for you!

When signing up for Google Alerts, you can select the type of content you want Google to look for (e.g., blogpost, news articles, video, etc) and how often notifications are sent.

Give it a try it's Free! All you need is a Google account and that's Free to!

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