Thursday, May 3, 2012


There is so much misinformation available on the web nowadays... It's scary! But business owners can do something about. If they care to. I have spent the last two days making call to restaurants in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. I found what I thought was a good sources of currents establishments. Boy was I wrong! Most of the entries were just plain wrong or out of date. I even found some the restaurant domains for sale.

As a suggestion as a business owner do a google search on your business and check the results. Visit some of these site where you may be listed and confirm the information. If you can find a bad listing so can your potential customers! Once you find a bad listing contact the site owner and see what needs to be done to delete it or correct it. Sometimes it may just involve sending them an email with the correct info or just a phone call to correct the wrong information.

Are you letting customers not find you?????

Richard M.J. Jarosz on LinkedIn

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