Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why are my Prospects not emailing me?

Because you have the wrong email address on your business card!!! Why do business owners not check this information before they pass out their cards?

Yesterday I was at the SUMMER KICK OFF NETWORKING EVENT at the Sheraton in Eatontown and collected over a couple of dozen of business cards from my networking efforts. I got home and emailed them all the lasted issue of the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin as promised. Three got bounced because the email address on the card does not exist! Yes I checked all three and I entered them correctly…

One, a start-up business, even had the website listed incorrectly. It has a “@” were a period should be. All it takes is a little step back and review the cards or have someone like myself review it for them. I do this for my clients all the time. Some clients even sent me a proof copy of their ads to make sure the information is correct. If they are spending money on the ad they want it as correct as possible. You know the Magazine or Newspaper never checks as long as the check clears and the client Oks the proof… right or wrong it get printed.

So keep that is mind have someone else check the printed material and test the email and website addresses.

Richard M.J. Jarosz on LinkedIn
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.


  1. Wow! Rich,are you ever "Right on" with this blog. We are in the Promotional Products business and are constantly trying to send messages to new business contacts we glean from newspaper or other ads . Very often the ad contains NO contact information OR BAd contact information listed in a companies AD. When we do work for a client, we always verify their contact information prior to creating art and getting it printed. Using a business card with incorrect or incomplete information is an indication that no one there pays attention and gives a very bad impression. If we can help any of you with a problem like this please contact us. Advice is free!
    Helen Kaye at HK Promotional Sales

  2. As a favor, and so I don't embarrass any one, if you were at that event and would like to find out if those cards belonged to you just give me a call.