Monday, May 21, 2012

Still thinking about it!

This past week I have been doing some follow up with some prospects for Jersey Shore Coupons. I don’t know if you have been getting this run-a-round but the phrase “I’m still thinking about it” really gets me pissed off! Excuse my language but what other words would describe the feeling? Not about me but about the person I’m speaking with! A simple question deserves a simple answer. These are business people. If they cannot give a straight answer to a yes or no question what does this say about them and their business?

Friends have told me they “Rich they don’t what to hurt your feeling. That is why they don’t say no.” But wasting my precious time by having me call and call to get the same answer “I’m still thinking about it” is helping me? This does not even make sense.

I especially love it when Life Coaches give me this answer. Don’t they coach others to make decisions? How can I recommend others to them when they can’t make simple decisions about their own businesses? And I get a lot asking for referrals but I have yet to get a straight answer out of anyone of them!

Sorry off the soap box for now…..
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  1. I have to think about this...