Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just picked up the book "Healing Wounded Relationships" by Martin H. Padovani. He says mass at St. Catharine in Spring Lake NJ once in a while and the church is packed when he does. The first chapter is on communications; usually between a couple or family members, but I thought why would this not work with clients and prospects.

He talks about why people don't communicate and goes into detail about all the reasons. I, however, came up with one and only one! People just don't want to communicate. Sad but this is what I have found out to be true. Examples of this are common. Take for instance a new client I picked up the other week. It's a wife and husband team. The husband hired us and passed it on to the wife. She does not know what is going on or cares to so she ignores the calls and emails and he just keeps saying the wife is handling it now. You guessed it, nothing is moving forward on their project. But I predict that in six months or so I'll get a call asking why nothing is being done.... So I'm documenting every attempt to communicate with them...

So return those calls and emails...
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