Thursday, February 9, 2012

International Networking What?????

This is almost a continuation of the last article on Free Publicity and the way organizations go out of the way to keep their events a secret!

This evening I will be attending an event connected with BNI's International Networking Week at the PNC Art Center. And yes I am ranting! Yesterday I attended two different local Chamber events (one organized by a BNI member and both attended heavily by BNI Chapter officers) and there was not one mention of today's event. I checked the Asbury Park Press Event Listings and did not find it. Hell there was no request to place the event in the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin which is FREE!

I checked my emails for the past month and no mention of it. No event set up on Facebook with invites! I even asked BNI members over the last week, in my normal course of networking, if I would see them there... and you guessed it! Deer in the headlights looks are all I got followed by "What networking event?"

Don't get me wrong, BNI is a most excellent organization. But with the Corporate Office trying to turn this into the Premier Networking event World-wide for the last three years the local area director is not helping...

I'll report tomorrow on the attendance of this secret networking events

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