Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Publicity

Did you ever notice people say they want one thing and always do the opposite! Well after compiling a list of over 60 Museums in Ocean and Monmouth counties I decided it would be nice to help them get the word out. I had no idea there were this many in our area. So I decided to call them to see if they were willing to supply the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin (JSCIB) with their upcoming events.

The majority of the numbers I found for these museums were either wrong or disconnected. Of the few that I was able to get hold of on the phone it turned out to be the County or City Clerks’ office. A very frustrating undertaking overall. Of the handful I actually reached two called me back and only one sent me the information required to help them promote an event that started yesterday.

In this era of cutbacks and closings I figured they would want to get the word out to raise their numbers of visitors. But what do I know?! Keeping their Museums and Historical Societies a secret may truly be what they are trying to achieve. In which case they are doing a bang up job!

Over the years I have been trying to work with my clients to have them avoid this same mistake. Are they making progress? I would like them to share that here with you. Giving them more free publicity...

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  1. LOL
    And here I thought I was the only one
    I should have known better.
    I never called each and every one, but I have done some very intense internet searching
    It boggles me on how many do not even have an e-mail
    Ever check out school websites?
    It's scary how many of them have no e-mails
    Hope you are doing well!!!!

  2. Well at least a few got back to me over the weekend. Mext I will try the Local Libraries. That should be even more fun... not!