Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What’s new with the New Year?

Well if you ask most people, NOTHING! You get a bunch of different answers but none of them positive. They all are waiting for something to change, someone to change it for them or ….. You get the idea.

I find this most annoying. Something should always be new. Whether in you live or business something should be new.

That is why most businesses nowadays are at a standstill. Nothing is new… No new products, services or even approaches to existing clients. What is everyone waiting for?

We at Lone Keep Internet are always up to something. So what’s new with us you ask?

  1. We just revamped our Jersey Shore Coupon site. Now we are beginning to promote the heck out of it.
  2. Just found some new Open Source software to help up revamp ShoreGuide.Info. We plan to get that live by the Spring just in time for the Summer at the Shore. One new Feature envisioned will include Reviews of Jersey Shore Restaurants and B&Bs. Others will be a surprise...
  3. Already have the First Quarter of our, now World Famous, monthly “Tea get togethers” scheduled with Featured Speakers and Host Locations. Still looking to fill the rest of the year. If interested let me know.
  4. Just started a Value-added campaign for Graphic Artists, Printers, Web Designers, Photographers and PR Firms. This has been well received since it enhances the relationships these businesses have with their existing clients and an added feature for new prospects.

So what’s new with the New Year? PLENTY!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Rich! Glad to see you're starting off the New Year with your usual gusto and momentum!

    So what's new? New babies are here or in the works. No, not human babies, but I have Poison Dart Froglets and Tadpoles and Bearded Dragon eggs. My snakes are "chilling out" in brumation (like hibernation) and getting ready for breeding. I'm looking forward to a very busy baby season ahead.

    To celebrate finally switching my status from that of "hobbyist" to that of "breeder", I created a new website, In it's infancy now, I'm eager to watch it grow along with all the animals. Some of my available animals are already posted on the site, including the Dart Froglet and some tadpoles.

    Rich, I know you're a "fish guy", and while Herp Eden will focus primarily on Poison Dart Frogs, Snakes, and Bearded Dragons, in a few weeks, I should have some plants that would be beautiful additions to your aquariums.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, and I'm glad to see you as vibrant and dynamic as ever!

    Stephi Baumgartner