Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Project: What's on your shelf – Phone Courtesy

I’ve been making these calls from a number of Business Cards I’ve collected and again the one thing that stands out, besides 50% being out of business, is that most business owners don’t know how to answer the phone.

Looking up it up in the ‘net… I found “QUICK TIPS FOR PHONE COURTESY” and one of the first tips is “Identify yourself as soon as possible in the call.” Besides just good manners it’s part of Networking. Don’t make the caller guess if they reached the right person or company. If you put your company phone number on your business card don’t hide!!! Get out of the Cave!!!

To help your business, remember the acronym VCP. Visibility, Credibility, Profitability. This is networking! Working on getting the Word Out Not hiding it so people don’t feel comfortable calling you.

The Business Card should be a tool for your Networking. A very valuable tool if used properly! But I find most business owners don’t know how to network. They think showing up to an event and handing out a few cards is networking. They hope for the quick sale not realizing that it takes time to build up relationships.

To that end, this month’s Tea (FREE seminar Thursday, March 25th) will be on Networking. The title is “It’s Spring! Time to leave the Cave” and will be at the offices of Lone Keep Internet in Bradley Beach. We will cover all aspects of Networking including what organizations should be looked at and how to schedule the time needed!

If you are in the Jersey Shore area and would like to attend this Seminar, training session, give me a call at 732-988-4044. Upcoming Seminars will include: using Meetup, using the tools available from Google and even a “How to” on using the phone to promote your website.

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