Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting the word out about Causes!!! Families living in tents?! In New Jersey????

Yes, right here in New Jersey, at the Jersey Shore. Not some third world country, half way around the world, but right here at home where we can do something about it. I recently received this message from one of my Brother Knights of Columbus.

"I know the economy is tough on all. I'm just trying to help someone, help someone else. I am trying to help families that are currently living in tents in the woods in Lakewood NJ. Some are single adults and some are full families. Kids in need! They need help. They have no where else to go! They are living in the woods for Christmas. We will be collecting canned goods and clothing Saturday morning at the Council Hall in Neptune City."

I used Face Book, Linked In and even Twitter to try and get the word out. But I received no responses. Instead as I watched my Face Book feed I read the messages go by about how "Today just sucks all around" from a teenage girl in a warn house in Ocean Grove or my brother complaining about his Hawaii trip and his Cabo Trip. Both in the last month! No offer to help these people... I guess he forgot where we can from!

It's amazing that there were No replies or comments. Not even from the Bleeding Hearts I know and have debated with over the years. Yes, I'm talking to you Jess. I bet if I put up a stupid video of a cat dancing I'd get lots of comments.

Well for one... Karen and I are going shopping in a little while to pick up somethings so we can drop them off tomorrow morning at the Knights Hall....

Anyone else care to help?

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