Monday, September 28, 2009

Rookie Mistakes!!

The "Twitter II" Tea and Talk last week went very well. Tim Cusack is a great speaker and the topics varied from Twitter and Face Book to Guerrilla Marketing!

The Mistake
This morning when I pulled out all the business cards I received at the Tea I noticed a big problem. I found one of the attendees had a card with an incomplete email address and a phone number that was not working. So I figured hey typos happen, let me check out his website to get the correct number. And.. you guessed it... No website listed. I think he handed out that same card to everyone at the tea. Thank God he was the guest of a regular attendee so I will have to get hold of her to let him know he is hurting his business with these new cards.

The Cure
In the software world from which I sprang... Test, Test and Test again. What this means for the small business or self employed person is proof read it and then let a few others do the same. Tell them to find an error! Your friends will love pointing out that you made a mistake. Trust me they will find them. Better them and you your prospects.

In times past, I have known business people to pay for a newspaper or yellow book ad and accidentally place their competitors website address in it. They were similar addresses and the sales-person did not know (or cared). I have all my clients fax or email me the proof to check it over for Technical details, if nothing else it's just another see of eyes looking at it before it goes to press.

To help business owners from making these rookie mistakes Lone Keep Internet will be hosting the next Tea, October 23th, at the Sixth Avenue House in Asbury Park. The topic of this tea is Guerrilla Marketing the easy way. For further information please email me at or call 732-988-4044. Remember these "Talks and Teas" are FREE just call to reserve a seat.


  1. Looks like this might apply to our website (a broken link). Thanks for the heads up. Will correct that as soon as possible.

  2. The same happened to me. But it was a brochure that was printed. It was mailed, then we found out the printer had our phone number wrong. He corrected the error after the fact but charged us for the reprinting. Last time we used that printer!
    We were so embarrassed by this mailing that I am commenting on this anonymously.