Thursday, October 15, 2009

Missed Opportunities

This past weekend Ocean Grove had its Fall Festival. It was a great day! Lots of food and interesting “Autumn” things on display and for sale. My wife and I walked over to Main Street (Got to get my steps in. That’s over 2000 steps one way. Thank you Dr. Wells!). We also decided to check out the special Pumpkin flavored treats at one of our clients (Barbaric Bean).

Walking around checking out the vendors I ran into a member of one of my Networking Groups and another former member. I was surprised to see both as they never mentioned that they would be attending, never mind have a booth each. I believe this was a mistake as that Networking Group has over 40 members. Since both of them have family orientated businesses it would make sense to have over 40 additional people (families) stop over at their booths.

An announcement at the weekly meeting, an email or a blurb in the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin would have resulted in more people knowing of their involvement. All of these methods cost nothing except a little forethought and effort. Getting the Booths most likely cost some money so a little extra effort would have increased their rate of return. This is right out of Guerrilla Marketing “Maximizing your Effort.”

I will be speaking on this and other topics at my next FREE Guerrilla Marketing “Tea” October 23, 1 – 4 PM. It will be hosted at the Sixth Avenue House B&B in Asbury Park. Call 732-988-4044 to reserve a seat.

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