Friday, January 21, 2011

Weird Sites (Businesses)

Yes, weird websites (Businesses) are interesting. Being such, more people will point to them. There is even a Top 100 Weird Sites list on the web.

But is being weird so bad? For businesses maybe yes, maybe no. I recently met an owner of a business that had a weird business at least to me. A very nice guy he does Canine & Equine Massage Therapy. After talking to him I was actually able to point him to a client. This former employee owns a horse and she has already introduced him to the owner of the farm where she keeps it. You never know!

Mentioned this equine therapist at my BNI meeting yesterday and a member sent me the contact information, via email, of a reporter looking for people who had strange jobs. I believed this fits the bill. Massaging a horse... So I passed this info on to the business owner.

Just goes to show... You never know what will help "get the word out!"

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

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