Monday, May 17, 2010

Why are business owners afraid of letting others know they are in business?

I've been keeping track of some of the excuses I get why people don't share! I mean share with others about their businesses or organizations. What are they afraid of? One client told me she does not mention, in conversation, anything about her business because she's afraid they might take her clients!? How does she expect to get new clients. Others hold an event and when the attendance is low they complain. Another excuse is that advertising is expensive. So don't advertise, promote your event.

Just got a message from a long lost friend on Facebook saying she does not what to go crazy letting people know she's out there.... Barb you only have one friend so far and that is me. Go crazy add another!

The Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin (JSCIB) is still one of the best FREE means of getting the word out about you business and or event out there. It reaches over 10,000 subscribes on the Jersey Shore. Few businesses and groups take advantage of letting the readers know what events they are running, or what is new on their website, or what events they are attending or speaking at!!! What are they afraid of???

A BNI group's meeting, I attended last week, acted like their visitor's day was a secret! They had lofty goals but they basically sabotaged the event until I started asking questions. Since then one of the members has started to place the event on several Social Media sites. Hope it works out for them.

Promotion of you business/event does not have to be an ordeal. Just a little common sense and some time well spent.

Post you excuse why you don't promote your business. I'd like to hear some more great excuses....

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