Friday, May 7, 2010

Tourism to help get the word out

I recently attended a seminar on Jersey Shore Tourism and heard Bob Hilton, Executive Director for the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau, speak about how it affects all businesses.

He asked the question “Are you part of the Jersey Shore Tourism industry?” Most like myself answered “No” but we soon found out how wrong we were. He went on to explain that tourism is a unique industry that permeates many industries not typically associated with travel. The internationally accepted model for analyzing tourism’s economic impact splits the industry into two sectors:

- Core Tourism: Industries that “touch” the visitor and benefit directly from their spending (e.g. hotels, restaurants, museums etc.)

- Non-Core Tourism: Industries that supply those that touch the visitors (Website developers, PR and Ad companies, linen/food suppliers, janitorial services, construction, lawyers to name a few)

He enlightened us with these facts:

What do Visitors mean to the Jersey Shore?

- Each visitor brings in about $548 in expenditures

- $0.72 of each dollar spent by visitors in kept within New Jersey

- Every 160 visitors create a new NJ job

- Each visitor creates about $109 in tax receipts, $64 of which goes to the state and local authorities

- Every 204 visitors pay for one New Jersey public school student for one year

What an eye opener! Never thought about Lone Keep Internet as being in the Tourism business but I guess it is. Needless to say we became a Marketing Partner. For more information visit their website

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