Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Build it and they will come?

Only in the movies! One of the attendees at my last "Tea" mentioned her blog and she was proud of it... So today I went looking for it and guess what? I could not find it.

Googled it... Nothing! Binged it.. Nothing! I even went to their webpage and it had no mention that they had a blog! Last try... I went to Facebook and looked at her profile as she is a friend... Nothing! I looked to see if her business had a FaceBook Fan Page again nothing!

Is she trying to keep a secret. No! She mentioned that someone left here a very nice testimonial on it... So I know you can get to it... But I don't know how!!!

Some recommendations:
1. Have you website mention and point to your blog.
2. Have all you social networking profiles point to your blog.
3. Create a Fan Page for your business or even your blog.
4. Make it easy for readers to find you!!!!

Enjoy the hot weather at the Jersey Shore. Remember I am always willing to talk on our porch only a block from the beach.... I have the best office in town!

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