Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I thought the web was suppose to make life easier or whatever happened to Customer Service

Yesterday I called a company that I have been dealing with for over a month. I called nice and early (as per their recommendation) and asked for Mr. XX (I can't mention his name or the company's name because I get in trouble for pointing out the truth. See previous postings). So after giving him all my information the customer service rep said "sure, I transfer you now" and hung up on me! Mistakes happen... So I called back.

This time the person answering said Mr. XX had just walked in and was not "on the system" and could I call back in a few minutes. No problem I can wait a few. So I called back around fifteen minutes later. This time another rep said he just walked away from his desk and could I call back later. I was starting to get annoyed.

I waited a few more minutes and call back yet again! This time a different customer service rep said he was not due in until 11am. Now I was pissed. Who was lying to me? All of them. So I called back about 5 more times in a row and speaking to a different person each time I asked if Mr. XX could return my call. Mind you each call I had to give all my information including name, address, account number, reference number, etc.

Finally after lunch I got my return call which I missed so I called back and gave them all the info yet again. This time Mr. XX was there! The conversation was short and not necessary sweet. "Good morning Mr. Jarosz, there is no change in the status of your issue. So can you call back Friday?" AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

To check up on the status of an issue companies can set up their website to keep track of such things. We all have used websites to check delivery status of packages we have sent. You can check on the status of deposits into you checking account and status of charges on your credit cards. These companies have used the internet for what it was intended for. The company I was dealing with could have made it easy to find out the status of my issue. They could have tagged it with my complaint reference number.

Currently I am working with a client on the possibility of using Google Docs to keep them up to date on the status of their projects. This is but one of the FREE Google Tools available. Lone Keep Internet will be hosting a "FREE Seminar on the use of FREE Google Tools" tomorrow in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. For more information on our FREE seminars check out our website

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