Friday, June 4, 2010

Next installment of "What on your Shelf?"

This was to be a fun project... But alas, it has turned into work! Depressing, time consuming and basically a downer. Forget the businesses that are no longer around that is a given and a numbers game. But the ones that are still around I have to wonder how?

All the still existing businesses should take a look at my Recommended Reading List for a little inspiration. Maybe they can find some words of wisdom in these books. Most business owners have a copy or two, on their shelves, but have never cracked one open...

The latest round of calls from the business card box actually resulted in some call backs. After leaving a "detailed" message as requested I get a call asking "Who am I speaking with?" First off I believe it is "whom" Any English majors wish to comment? Secondly I left a detailed message explaining who I was and why I was calling! But they never checked their messages, they just hit dial last call. Why have voicemail in the first place and why don't they use it? Again this does nothing to add to their credibility as a business owner. Yes, people do make judgments bases on things like this. I do! I ask myself, is this the way they'll treat me or my clients in the future? Do I want to share clients with this person? Some interesting questions.

Good thing we have on our "Tea" and Seminar schedule "How to use the phone to promote your Website (business)." This will be Thursday July 22nd at the offices of Lone Keep Internet in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Have you read any good business books lately? If so, which ones?

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