Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting the Word Out - Social Media

What is social media? Social Media is content that is published with a social component.

Social Media is Inbound/Outbound Marketing
- Social Media helps with SEO
- Social Media can help your blog and website
- Social Media is very permission centric
- Social Media is conversational in nature. Are you conversing?

Step 1: Engage!
Start conversations and add value to the conversation (just don't advertise your product). Ask and answer questions. Pick one media and just start! Could be any of the more popular ones like Face Book, Linked In or Twitter. There are many others.

Step 2: Share
Find out what your audience is interested in. Create, promote and share valuable content. Make friends!

Step 3: Measure and Analyze
Track the number of friends or connections you have. Measure real business results such as the effect of Social Media on the number of visits to your blog or website.

Presented by
Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

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  1. Hi Richard - First off - Great meeting yesterday! I am sorry I had to leave early but I left with a ton of notes and some great ideas to improve my "plan". You are absolutely right when you say it's a numbers game - how many new contacts each day, week, month, etc. Anyway, your meeting certainly got me "thinking around corners." Thanks and see you at the next one.