Monday, August 9, 2010

Why 98% of Websites fail to make money!

That's an easy question! They fail to "Get the Word Out"!!! I, Richard M.J. Jarosz, President of Lone Keep Internet, Inc. do everything to help our clients to get the word out. Whether it is SEO work for them, assisting with a newsletter or getting them started with FaceBook, Linked In and Twitter. All of these simple techniques are geared for one thing and one thing only... Get the Word Out. And not necessarily consuming a large cash budget.

To this end we have monthly FREE seminars on a wide range of topics. This month, August 26th, we are holding one on the practical uses of Facebook and Linked In.

Another low cost or even FREE technique is placing a news item in the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin. But how may of my clients don't invest the time?

If you know of any other techniques to "Get the Word Out let me know....

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