Thursday, November 4, 2010

PROJECT: "What on your Shelf?" is Over!

And what a depressing project it was! Over half of the businesses gone in less that two years. Of the other half most are on their way... bad business people! And almost all don't know how to use their business cards or the phone!!!!

The raw stats:
Business Cards in the Box: 0 (Started at 1000)
Out of Business: 548
Businesses actually looking to grow: 102
Businesses that called back: 79

10% only were actually looking to grow. How did I arrive at that number? These were the ones that answered their phone like a business and starting a conversation with me. I did not sell them and they did not sell me... just a pleasant conversation between two local business people whom I have met before. We talked about BNI, Toastmasters, local chambers, the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau and my FREE monthly seminars and how each could help their business. Some actually showed up to these meeting/events and we continued our discussions. Nice folks.

The other 400 (not out of business) were just rude! If I was not buying from them, right then and there, they they wanted nothing to do with me... Not exactly nice in this business environment! They will soon follow the path of the 500 currently out of business. I wish them the best but...

So I ask again, "What's on your shelf?"

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