Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why send out Press Releases?

EXPOSURE!!! Plain and simple. With services like Constant Contact it is easy to create and maintain a database of media outlets.

Recently we sent out a press release for a client who was holding a special event at her Inn in Spring Lake. She promoted the event (her client) and got some promotion in return. Two for one!

Constant Contact allows you to see who opened the emails sent to them. Several Local Chambers, the Two River Times, Breeze Radio, NJ Family and NJ Monthly are but a few that opened the Press Release. Not that it will be in each of those publications or be on the Radio but it has happened! We at Lone Keep Internet, Inc. have had our FREE Seminars announced on the Radio before as a news item and cost us nothing. Did I mention FREE advertising?

So if you have never sent a Press Release out dust off your writer's pen and start! Or if you need help ask for it here and we will assist you where we can...

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Head Marketing Consultant for Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

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  1. Thanks so much Rich for this great idea! I have used Constant Contact for my company's newsletter for a few years now and really like it but I never would have thought of using them for press releases to different media sources. It is a good way to highlight newsworthy events that are going on in my Ocean Grove coffee shop, Barbaric Bean Coffee Roasters.