Friday, October 15, 2010

What does your Business Card really say about you?

Working on the "What's on your shelf" project I have noticed many things. The most striking observation has probably been that the actually business card says little to nothing about the company or the wielder of the card. No really, it usually says zilch! Some may look pretty, glossy and be double sided but what does that have you do with you?

Some of the most expensive cards are from companies that did not last their first year. While other plain Black and White ones represent companies that have been around for over 22 years (yes like Lone Keep Internet, Inc.) There are even some that try to list everything that a company provides in tiny, tiny print on both sides. Who is going to read all that?

I believe that the cards should be a pointer, an arrow if you will. Once you make a personal contact the business card should serve as a reminder of why the holder should be interested in your company. (Hence, one sided and easy to add notes on the back.) As a pointer they should guide the holder to your website where you can dazzle them with graphics, video and long lists of services (content). But how many really do this?

How many do not have a website listed? Or maybe even the wrong one? Yes, I have found several of these on my shelf. Some don't put their website on their cards because they are not finished or don't work. Both of these are easily fixable. If you want to help your local web designer or graphic artist grow their business just ask why there is no website on the card you just got! If you want you can send me the referral!!!

In the mean time take a look at your business card. What does it say about you?

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Assistant Director for BNI Monmouth County
Charter member of the BNI Shore Money Chapter in Ocean Grove

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