Friday, October 1, 2010

We want information...

How many of you remember the British TV series "The Prisoner"? They wanted Number 6 to give then information but never told him what information they wanted? Very frustrating for our hero Number 6.

How many of my readers get reports on how their website are doing? Not a lot but some. And how many can wade through the reams of pages to get to the "correct" information?

Being able to discern the correct information from these reports in a timely fashion sometimes looks like magic! But that is when experience really comes into play. Zeroing in on the actual problem or keeping track of the important numbers over a period of time does take a lot of finesse.

It starts with getting the right reports. Followed by the ability to find the information necessary to spot either trends or issues that may have been overlooked by others. Sometimes there is just no easy way around it other than taking the time to review the entire report.

Recently I made an offer to some business associates to run a FREE 50+ page report on comparing the optimization of their website to their top 10 competitors along with a lunch meeting were I would go over the report and explain it. Several took me up on the offer and were pleasantly surprised. I did not they to sell them anything. I just explained the results and pointed out a few of the suggestions that they could do themselves to help their websites visibility and ranking in the Search Engines. I guess the others were making too much money with their website already!

If you would like to request a FREE 50+ page Top 10 Optimization Report to help you achieve your goals in 2011 just visit Lone Keep Internet, Inc. and click on the link.

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

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  1. It's like in my pest control business. People aways want information. They don't realize that a lot of the questions they ask are my website,

    I'm always available for additional info but the website is a great starting place.