Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Using your 60 Second Commercial as Blog Content

Most of the people I speak with tell me they have nothing to blog about. However most belong to networking groups. These groups let you do a 60 second commercial at the beginning of each meeting as a form of introduction.

These 60 Second introductions usually include who you are looking to meet in the upcoming week or some interesting tidbit to catch the listeners ear. One such example was at my BNI meeting this past Thursday. The Pest Control expert mentioned Bed Bugs as they have been getting a lot of press here in Monmouth County. He mentioned that he was an expert in their removal and used a greener (safer) method to do the job. A method not used by other local pest control companies. When I asked him if he put this info into a blog post or even an email to his current clients his response was typical. "No one wants to hear about it!" Well actually yes they do. It's been all over the papers and even the nightly news! Bed bugs are becoming a problem at the Jersey Shore. Even the local Multiplex theater make the nightly news with their bed bug issue.

So if you have invested the time and effort into a great 60 Second commercial why not use that as a basis for your blog entry. Most networking groups recommend that you have a different one each week. So you have a different blog entry each week. Now that is Working Smarter not Harder!

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Charter member of the Shore Money Chapter of BNI
We meet in Ocean Grove, NJ each Thursday morning.

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