Thursday, February 24, 2011

Using a Sai in Bussiness?

Another agricultural tool used as a weapon. Folklore has the Sai used to measure stalks, plant rice and even as a pitchfork to lift bales!? A strange farm tool and even a stranger weapon.

But how does this help me in businesses? Another strange tool is Twitter. A lot of people don't see the need or even how to use it. It a quirky little tool just like the Sai but in the right hands it can be deadly. True no one wants to know that you dad is on the patio (that bad commercial for some phone system or another). But if you have important things to share and build up a decent following it can be a very useful tool for your business.

Check out Lone Keep Internet on Twitter to see some examples of some useful Tweets. Also see if you competitors are using Twitter. If they are should you?

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

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