Thursday, March 17, 2011

The bo staff in Business?

The bo staff is usually made of hard wood, such as red or white oak, although bamboo has been used. The bō may be tapered in that it can be thicker in the center then at the ends. The average size of a bō is around 6ft but they can be a long as 9ft. The earliest form of the bow staff, has been used throughout Asia since the beginning of recorded history. No kidding since it started out as a walking stick carried by travelers and monks!

We all read the newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio. But like the simple walking stick we never give it much thought. How did that news item wind up in the paper on or the radio? Simply it may have started as a news release. A simple release put out about a topic or interesting item. Something of note!

When was the last time you put out a news release? To tell the world about yourself, your business or even your website? The Internet now makes it very easy to do just that. Over the years we have used Constant Contact to build up our media database and help distribute our news releases via email. Simple but how many do the simple things to help our businesses.

Remember that 78 year old selling Singing Bears on the Internet I've spoken about before. When her website was relaunched we put out a news release. That got some coverage. Same with the Seminars we do. They have even been on the local radio stations. Clients have called and said they heard about my seminar on the radio! Now that's some nice news coverage.

So like the monks of old traveling down that road of life. Keep mindful of any thing that can be used....

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Referral Confidence Curve

BNI has this curve based on time in the group. It basically shows that the longer you are in a group the higher your confidence with members hence higher the number of referrals. I have been in my chapter Shore Money here at the Jersey Shore for over 9 years and I can say this is most definitely true. However most people go out of their way to sabotage their own creditability.

BNI also makes reference to treating your fellow chapter members as the Most Important Client. Yet today I have had everyone cancel meetings with me for today and tomorrow. Yes, the first thing I checked was my breath and BO! Some did not even bother to call they just sent an email. I guess my time is not worth as much as theirs. The time I set aside for these meetings is time that I can be doing billable work. So instead I did paperwork today and got on the phone to set up some more appointments for tomorrow.

The best part is that two of these that cancelled have been after me to get them into my clients. Now I ask you, can I honestly refer them in good faith to my clients? I mean honestly! Each time they cancel or reschedule a meeting don't they know they are losing creditability with me! Or don't they care?

Keep your appointments!
Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Can the Three Section Staff help your business?

The Three-Sectional Staff, Triple Staff, Three-part Staff, Sansetsukon in Japanese, or originally Sanjiegun, is a Chinese flail weapon that consists of three wooden or metal staffs connected by metal rings or rope. Also known in Japanese as sansetsukon, the weapon is also known as a "coiling dragon staff." A more complicated version of the two section staff, the staves can be spun to gather momentum resulting in a powerful strike, or their articulation can be used to strike over or around a shield or other defensive block.

Google Alerts can be wielded like a Three Section Staff. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include: monitoring your own publicity campaign or keeping current on a competitor or industry.

So like the Three Section Staff you can get around the shield of your competitor and find out what they are up to. That would be call Market Intelligence. Are you using Google Alerts?

Richard M.J. Jarosz on LinkedIn
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Eskrima in Business?

Eskrima refer to a class of Filipino martial arts that emphasize weapon-based fighting with sticks, blades and improvised weapons. The teaching of the basic skills in Eskrima are traditionally simplified. With limited time to teach intricate moves, only techniques that were proven effective in battle and could easily be taught en masse were used. This allowed villagers, generally not professional soldiers, a measure of protection against other villages, as well as foreign invaders. This philosophy of simplicity is still used today and is the underlying base of eskrima.

Thank you Wikipedia but what does this have to do with business????? E-mail that's what!!! It's the one technique proven to be effective and is available to the masses not only to Internet Professionals.

The actually technique I am referring to is the use of signature files or tag lines at the end of each and every email you sent out. Yet like most of the tools (weapons) available to small business owners today, very few use it. Just today I checked my email inbox and out of 73 new messages only 21 had a signature that make sense. That's less than one third!

The great thing about setting up a signature file on your email is that once it's setup your done! It attaches itself to each out going email. If you tell it too. Some email systems allow you can also set up multiple signatures if you want to but that is complicating the issue...

Most can be as long or as short as you like. My includes a number of our websites as well as a link to my LinkedIn profile if the reader want more information about me or my business. I only use one! The one listed below:

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