Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Do you have a Newsletter?

And is it productive? Are you using your newsletter as content for your website? Do you know your numbers?

What numbers?
There are many things you can monitor to keep track of your newsletter. How many subscribers do you have and how many are being added each week or each month? How many are actually opening and reading your newsletter? Is there an action item in the newsletter?

Just like the numbers for your website you should have access to these. If you use Constant Contact you have access to all these numbers. Now you just need to analyze and use them. If you do not have these numbers you may be doing your business and yourself a disservice. Remember it's always about the numbers.

Action Items
What action items can be in your newsletter? That depends on the type of newsletter you have. If it is a Cafe you might have a coupon that the reader can use next time they walk into you Cafe. If you are an informational newsletter, like the Jersey Shore Community Information Bulletin you can track each link when a reader clicks on one then to find out additional information about a particular event. Again this is feedback from your readers.

If you do not have these numbers I suggest you looking getting them...

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