Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting the word out about Causes!!! Families living in tents?! In New Jersey????

Yes, right here in New Jersey, at the Jersey Shore. Not some third world country, half way around the world, but right here at home where we can do something about it. I recently received this message from one of my Brother Knights of Columbus.

"I know the economy is tough on all. I'm just trying to help someone, help someone else. I am trying to help families that are currently living in tents in the woods in Lakewood NJ. Some are single adults and some are full families. Kids in need! They need help. They have no where else to go! They are living in the woods for Christmas. We will be collecting canned goods and clothing Saturday morning at the Council Hall in Neptune City."

I used Face Book, Linked In and even Twitter to try and get the word out. But I received no responses. Instead as I watched my Face Book feed I read the messages go by about how "Today just sucks all around" from a teenage girl in a warn house in Ocean Grove or my brother complaining about his Hawaii trip and his Cabo Trip. Both in the last month! No offer to help these people... I guess he forgot where we can from!

It's amazing that there were No replies or comments. Not even from the Bleeding Hearts I know and have debated with over the years. Yes, I'm talking to you Jess. I bet if I put up a stupid video of a cat dancing I'd get lots of comments.

Well for one... Karen and I are going shopping in a little while to pick up somethings so we can drop them off tomorrow morning at the Knights Hall....

Anyone else care to help?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Are you taking advantage of your Organization's free Promotion?

We all belong to Organizations; Chambers, Professional, Social, Business and list goes on. But do we really take part in some of the finer points of membership?

I'll cover two cases, one involving BNI and another a DMO. - a Business Networking group based here at the Jersey Shore is my first example. I am a member and while looking up some information about a fellow member before I called them I noticed that their website address was missing from their member listing. I also did not find the links to there Blog and their FaceBook Fan page! I know they have both. Looking at the other members of the group I noticed that most of them did not have their Social Media links listed.

Why was the question I ask? And I received a lot of excuses back. No reasons just a lot of excuses. "No one told me." "I don't know how." "Can't be bothered." The list goes on.

Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau - a DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) dedicated to promoting the Jersey Shore. Their website promotes their Twitter, FaceBook and Blog accounts. But when you check out each version of Social Media you find it under utilized. Again I heard the same litany of excuses.

Free Promotion - Both these organizations charge for membership and part of that membership goes to maintain the websites and Social Media platforms. Yet members do not take advantage of this portion of their membership. It's FREE promotion for them and their websites. When businesses are paying for links to their sites and when they pay for advertising, why do they ignore the FREE stuff? It's part of the paid membership... Use it!

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The power of Press Releases

If you are putting out newsletters you have the capability of adding Press Releases to your Tool Kit of way to promote your website and your business. Take for example the following Press Release 78 year old Woman relaunches Website.

This was a simple news release that Rosalyn Thermelius, owner of Singing Bears Online, put out not only to the media but potential customers. It resulted in at least for new customers directly for the emails. Does it work? Yes! Is it a numbers game? Yes!

But it takes time and effort. A database of media/news outlets had to be created (not bought) of local and state wide sources. Next a list of potential customers had to be gathered. Now she has it for next Press Release. She is using the database to help her "Get the Word Out" about her, her website and her business.

Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Use Printable Online Coupons?

- Save Money!
- Be a Smart Shopper
- Save Time
- Find Rare or Discontinued Items
- Savings Add Up

These are all great reasons. So why are you not letting your customers use these advantages? Does your business use coupons? If not why not?

If you are always looking for a bargain don't you think your customers are too? Why not help them and help your business grow at the same time!

Jersey Shore Coupons is just one of the ways you can help your customers. Make it easy for them to find you and the bargains they are looking for.

Online coupons are cheaper. You're not killing any trees (not adding to global warming). You can change them as often as you want or need to without going through the print expenses again! This is great if you products or services are seasonal.

Another point... Have you ever had an error with a coupon after you printed and distributed it? With and printable online coupon you can correct it as soon as you find out! You are in control of your offers not your graphic artist, PR company or your printer. You!!

Just my two sense...
Richard M.J. Jarosz
Lone Keep Internet, Inc.